Meet our internal committees

Our committees aim to create strategies to improve the quality of services provided by the firm and to expand our contribution to a more just and egalitarian society for all.

People Committee

Responsible for taking care of the employees as well as their well-being and the day to day bureaucratic routines of the office.

Quality Committee

Responsible for the management and planning of the office in order to suggest and monitor strategic improvements in our service provision, with the objective of achieving the goals that were set.

Diversity Committee

Responsible for developing awareness and raising the flag of minorities through the promotion of initiatives that seek to expand equality between everyone in the office and in society.

Marketing Committee

Responsible for strengthening the image of the firm and its employees in the market, as well as demonstrating a differentiated capacity in internal and external communications.

Finance Committee

Responsible for the financial management of the office, ensuring the compliance with payments and receipts, as well as assisting managers in decision-making.

IT Committee

Responsible for the management and planning of actions aimed at the availability and correct use of office technology resources (hardware and software).

Pro bono and social responsibility

Responsible for the office’s social actions and the support given to social, cultural and environmental projects.