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Object. The purpose of this norm is to clarify the conditions under which a person (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant”) submits information to be stored in the databases of COELHO & DALLE LAW FIRM, a legal entity of private law, registered with OAB (Brazilian Bar Association)/PE under the number 1101 and with the Ministry of Treasury under the number 09153298/0001-44 (hereinafter named CD Law Firm), with the sole purpose of opportunity analysis and professional recruitment for the company’s staff.

  • 1. Veracity of the information. The Applicant states that all information submitted is accurate and true, and is responsible for any error, inaccuracy or falsehood.
  • 2. Legitimacy and Accountability. The Applicant states that s/he is the rightful holder of the information submitted, taking exclusive responsibility for any damages caused by the submission of information which s/he has no right to use, submit or make public.
  • 3. Treatment of Information and Purpose. Information submitted by applicants will be used by CDR Law Firm for recruitment purposes and possible selection of professionals, and can be stored without expiration date, for which the candidate gives his/her express authorization by the simple submission of such information through the electronic or physical means available. CD Law Firm can also send messages to the candidate if it deems to be of their interest, whether or not related to professional recruitment.
  • 4. Good Use of Information. CD Law Firm is committed to Always use the information submitted by the Applicant in the best possible way, for the sole purpose of recruiting and selecting workers, striving to adopt best practices to do so and to respect the current legislation in Brazil.
  • 5. Absence of Hiring Expectations. The submission of curriculum-related information by the Applicant does not allow for any expectations of effective hiring by CD Law Firm.
  • 6. Expenses in the Selection Process. Any expenses or charges owed by the Applicant in the selection process should of him/her exclusive responsibility, and no refunds will be made by CD Law Firm.
  • 7. Applicable legislation. This norm and all legal relationships directly or indirectly related to the sending of data by the Applicant, its respective storage, processing and use by CD Law Firm and the selection process will be governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, even in the cases when the Applicant is located or domiciled outside Brazil.
  • 8. Competent Court. Any conflicts should be resolved amicably and, if not possible, the dispute shall be brought before the Judicial District of Recife, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, to the exclusion of any other court, however privileged.
  • 9. Disagreement. If the Applicant does not agree with any of the terms of this norm, s/he should refrain from sending any information to CD Law Firm.

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